My 2017 🖤

Right can the world stop for a minute & slow the crap down… I am sure I blinked & 2017 has finished already. How does this keep happening, I genuinely don’t know where this year has gone and apart from a hideous wrinkle in between my brows, that you better be sure is getting injected with botox before 2018 is finished, an extra roll on my belly and a sporadic growth of grey hairs, I am really not sure what I have got to show for 2017.

Well that was until I looked through my photos and to be fair, during that blink, I have done, seen and eaten (that’s where the roll came from) quite a lot.

So let’s take a trip down 2017 *Screen fades to black. Psychedelic music plays. We enter what appears to be a wormhole but actually is a blinking eye… BAM we go back in time*



Look at that beautiful burgundy passport, which represents the joy,  freedom and simplicity of travel in the EU, let’s hope that never changes…. oh wait… but don’t worry though, it’s going to be blue *sarcastic thumbs up*. 

I was lucky enough to travel to Rome & Cape Verde this year.. Dan & I went to Rome to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and had the most wonderful time. You can read all about our trip in these posts.

Our trip to Cape Verde was very last minute, as you know we were meant to be go to Disney World & Irma put that on hold until April 2018 (110 Days to go!). We booked Cape Verde as it was guaranteed sunshine & as it was so last minute, we got a great deal. I haven’t written a post about it, because we are putting a claim through but lets put it this way… we did not have a great holiday, but it was lovely and hot.

We have two trips planned in 2018 – Disney World in April and Sicily for my 30th in June. I cannot wait to photograph, vlog and bring you along with me on those adventures.




In March I started a new role in the company I have worked for, for four years. It was something completely different for me, a real stretch for my career development but I  think I have flourished in the role & have absolutely loved it. I have made a great friend and confident in the person I work most closely with & have watched the Team I manage develop and progress into other roles. It has been a really fulfilling year for me career wise & I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.


I started this Blog in June after a tragedy happened in England. It really affected me, my mental health and the way I view life, my life in particular. I have always wanted to be a writer, I write poetry and short stories but I don’t do anything about it. There I was lucky enough to be on this Earth, wishing I could be a writer but doing fuck all about it because, let’s be honest, I was scared. This fear was stopping me from doing things, I knew I should be & I felt like I was letting the people who died in this tragedy down by wasting this life I was so lucky to have… so I started this blog.

I have loved writing, it has brought me so much happiness. Yes, it has been difficult at times with learning how to juggle work with it, but that’s something I will continue to work on throughout 2018. I have met some great likeminded people, who have taught me so much.

I didn’t really have any targets for this blog, followers, views  or to try and make it into a career, although I am grateful for every follower and like I get. It was my way of ensuring I was living my life to fullest in memory of those who couldn’t.


Food. Glorious. Food. I have eaten it. I have smelt it. I have loved it. Here’s a little collage of some of the best things I have put in my gob this year.

Here’s to more delicious treats in 2018!


There was some fantastic television this year, fantastic writing, superb acting…  I was there for it. Here are a few of my favourite shows from the year.


I finally started my sleeve. Like writing/blogging, it something I have always wanted to do but wasn’t brave enough.  You can read about that journey in these posts:

My Disney Tattoo by Toni Gwilliam and Blogmas Day 10 – Disney Tattoo Sleeve Update.

I also made a really good friend in Toni & have loved spending time with her and getting to know her.

Friends and Family

I spent lots of time with my friends & family: weekends away, trips to the theatre, meals, my dad’s 60th, my mother in laws 60th, my sister in laws 30th and of course Chirstmas. For me these are always the best memories – time with those I love.

Yes I am wrinkly and grey but I have also had a wonderful year.

Here’s to 2018 & I can’t wait to bring you all along with me.

Happy New Year Everyone, I wish you health, love, happiness and lots of laughter.

A x

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